Designated Driver

So you want to go out and have a good time. It has been a long week and you’re looking forward to relaxing. Drinks with your friends at the local bar, dinner and a movie or maybe a ball game… Sounds good!

The designated driver is a great way to be safe when you are out and having drinks. The person who is the designated driver swears off alcohol for the event and promises to get everyone home safely. Sounds simple and easy, right? Sure, as long as the designated driver has a plan, along with the rest of the group.

First and most important, the designated driver cannot just be whoever is the least drunk! Many people are probably guilty of having “just one glass of wine or a beer” before getting behind the wheel. Depending on a number of factors, that one drink could be ‘one too many’! So make the decision on who will be the designated driver before going out, and then stick to the plan. Take turns being the designated driver on different occasions, so it is not always one person who is responsible.

It is important that the designated driver gets possession of the car keys first, before going out. This way, the designated driver won’t have to get them later possibly under uncomfortable circumstances. The designated driver gets the keys first to ensure he or she is the only one equipped to drive.

The designated driver makes a commitment to stay sober for the duration. If you have a large group of people you may need to have more than one designated driver. As always, if you know you will be drinking, you want to make a plan and stick to it. Where you are going, who else is going, and how you getting there are all things to consider before heading out.

Having a designated driver doesn’t mean you can go crazy and become so intoxicated you are unable to think straight. If you’re totally out of control there is a very good chance you will end up in some kind of trouble that your designated driver cannot protect you from!! So play it safe and give yourself a limit on how much you are drinking too. Make sure you thank your designated driver while you’re at it. Maybe paying for the gas or buying dinner, for example. It’s a small amount to pay compared to the cost and embarrassment of a DUI or worse, the cost of a life.

Designated Driver Do’s

  • Designated driver gets the keys BEFORE the drinking begins.
  • Designated driver refuses to drink ANY alcohol.
  • Treat your designated driver to dinner or non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Take turns being designated driver.
  • Offer to be the designated driver.

Designated Driver Don’ts

  • The designated driver is NOT the ‘least drunk of the bunch’.
  • Do NOT make the same person be the designated driver every time.
  • NOT A SIP!

Get a Ride

The best two ways to avoid a DUI are to either not drink or not drive. So let someone else do the driving.

A DUI is a Costly Mistake, then you know how just how financially painful a DUI can be. Clearly, you should avoid a DUI at all costs! Consider how much cheaper and safer it is to take a taxi, bus, or heck, even a limo. By now you realize that you could take a dozen limousine rides and not spend nearly as much as a single DUI. We have lots of tips on getting around town without driving. Our first tips involve your phone.

Cellphone Tips

  • Your smart phone has maps that will give you voice and picture directions. Learn how to use it to find your way home.
  • It costs around a buck, but dialing #TAXI from your cellphone will get you connected to the nearest taxi anywhere in America and Canada.

This creates a perfect segue to our Taxi tips…

Taxi Tips

  • Write your address down on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket. You can hand it to the Taxi driver who takes you home.
  • Put a contact in your cell phone for the local taxi. Make the first character of the contact name a SPACE “ “ so it will appear first in your contact list.
  • Have cash ready to pay for your ride.

Public Transportation Tips

Before you go out
  • Plan your route home BEFORE you go out. Write it down and put it in your pocket.
  • Have whatever change, tokens, passcards, or money you need counted out and keep it in the same pocket.
  • Don’t put anything else in that pocket. That’s your “Going Home Pocket”.
When you’re ready to go home
  • Remember that you made a plan and stick to it.
  • Use your Going Home Pocket
  • Try to read every transportation sign (ie, platform numbers, station names, street names) THREE times and check it against your planned route.

There’s an App for That

  • Ridesharing apps like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar are available in many metropolitan areas. They offer a convenient alternative to the traditional taxi with better communication. Some let you rate and choose your driver.
  • Check availability and sign up for service through one of these apps BEFORE you need to actually use it.
  • Don’t wait till you’ve been drinking to enter credit card info for anything!
  • Search for discount codes. You can usually find a discount code good toward your first time use of these apps/services.
  • Enter your discount code when you sign up.

Designated Driver Services

When you’re out having fun, who wants to worry about how to get home later? A designated driver service provides you with a responsible, sober driver to chauffeur you and your friends to your destination without the worry of operating a vehicle while under the influence. THE WHISKEY COMPANY will provide an environment that supports safe and responsible alcohol consumption. Also, THE WHISKEY COMPANY has established the use of a designated driver program that will assist those patrons that cannot drive because of alcohol consummation. The program will include the services of Uber, local taxi, service, and the use of National Directory of Designated Driver Services (herein “NDDDS”). A list of services providers below with numbers can be used and or provided to patrons at any time:

Dryver Driving Service – 1-(877) 823-6933 –
iDrive Your Car – 1-(888) 888-7897 –
Finest Chauffeurs – 1- (646) 387-2728 –

The Use of cell phone electronic applications will also be a means to help with the THE WHISKEY COMPANY designated driver program. Many companies now offer a location-based app that makes hiring a designated driver easy. This type of service is generally used through the use of cell phone technology. This designated driver service will also be provided to patrons. THE WHISKEY COMPANY, will when required, will participate in these services and pay service provider, whom will assist patron(s) by driving them to their destination. When possible THE WHISKEY COMPANY will attempt to collect patron’s information and add it to the nightly activities log. Below are some resources:

Uber is a technology platform, which smartphone apps connect driver-partners and riders in cities where Uber operates, use your rider app to request a ride. When a nearby driver-partner accepts your request, your app displays an estimated time of arrival for the driver-partner heading to your pickup location. Your app notifies you when the driver-partner is about to arrive.

One way Shofer – Our Shofers can meet you at a specific location and drive you home. Rent-a-Shofer – Have a Shofer meet you at your home and drive you around in your car. Regardless if it is a night out or just multitasking during the day, DShofer is Designated to drive your car wherever you want to go. Whichever Dshofer service you choose, you travel in the comfort of your own car, without the worries of driving. They can also be reached at: 1-(855)726-6848